Sunday, July 31, 2005

here is a photo of the guitar im building

i had an old acoustic 12-string guitar neck lying around,so i thought i could make a guitar around it. i origionally made a body out of solid wood,but i made too many mistakes and decided to start again with three sheets of mdf glued together as a laminate. the neck i found turned out to be useless,as it was split,so i ended up making one out of kauri. together,they look like this:

i scavanged the fretboard from the old neck,and made the black bit at the left of the guitar,called the tailpeice,where the strings are anchored. the silver bit next to it,called the bridge,cost $40.
Also, i managed to salvage the truss rod from the old neck,which is a metal rod that stops the neck flexing with the tension of the strings on it.


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